Can I cancel my order?

When you place and order on our website and we accept such an order, this order is final, non-cancelable and nonrefundable, except in accordance with our return or refund policy.

Under what circumstances can Softzio refuse me service?

At Softzio, we reserve the right to refuse to provide service to anyone, at any time, and for any reason.

Can I order for products outside of the USA?

While our primary sales jurisdiction is within the US, we may sell products for the purpose of export to other countries. In this case however, customer shall bear responsibility for shipping costs and custom charges, as well as all other related costs.

How soon will my requests be attended to?

Softzio’s support staff is available 24/7 to attend to your requests and will respond immediately to any requests or orders that you place.

What happens is a Softzio is unable to resolve my problem?

Softzio provides and guarantees a full refund if we fails to solve your problem or answer your question within 10 days.

How soon will I receive purchased merchandise?

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, we make every reasonable commercially effort to fulfill your order within (15) business days of the date of acceptance of your order.

Can I get a refund if I am dissatisfied with the item/services?

We do not offer refunds except item purchased is defective. No refunds are allowed for software sales, such as but not limited to sales of anti-virus, spyware detective or both together once transaction has been processed and the software license keys have been assigned to the customer via our payment and electronic fulfillment system.

Does Softzio manufacture products?

No. We are not the manufacturers of the products we offer.

What are some of the products sold by Softzio?

Softzio sells a wide variety of Computer Accessories. It also sells anti-virus and spyware detectives. We do not sale computers and laptops.

What exactly is Softzio, and what does it do?

Softzio is an e-commerce website that is designed specifically for the sale computers Accessories and software. We also provide IT Solutions.

Which type of IT solutions Softzio provides ?

Softzio provides following IT Solutions :

(a) Networking Setup and Support.

(b) Server Setup and Support.

(c) Security Support.

(d) Data Hosting/ Backup/ Security/ Recovery Support.

(e) Wireless Network Setup and Support.

(f) Printer Setup and Support.

(g) Email Configuration and Support.

Does Softzio Provides PC Technical Support ?

No Softzio does not provide any PC Technical Support. We provides only IT Solutions.