Softzio Esupport Inc. remains one of the few companies that have a thorough understanding of time and customer satisfaction. From our experience and research, we noticed that big names in the industry offer expensive solutions. It is our innate desire to change the trend and offer IT solutions at lower prices. As we have dedicated staffs/ Freelancers and tie up with other parties who work round the clock to ensure issues are resolved within the shortest time frame with 100% refund guarantee. After collecting your informations we appoint a dedicated person to provide the solution, but if you want to change person you can contact us.

We have following IT solutions for small business and for individuals :-

(a) Networking Setup and Support.

(b) Server Setup and Support.

(c) Security Support and planning for Secured Business Environment.

(d) Data Hosting/ Data Backup/ Data Security/ Data Recovery Support.

(e) Wireless Network Setup and Support.

(f) Printer Setup and Support.

(g) Email Configuration and Setup.

Apart from the above mentioned solutions if you need any other IT solution you can contact us by raising a trouble ticket. Our team member will contact you within 24 hours.